Jeff Mann has been in the bird breeding business for over 20 years on his ranch in Florida these birds are raised using the very latest proven methods and utmost hands on personal care. Our babies are very social, happy-go-lucky by nature, and love attention from their owners. We are confident that you will enjoy your baby bird as much as we enjoy raising them.

Jeff Mann also runs Online Superstore, LLP with many online stores. Some are shown below;

Pet Carriers, Pet Crates & Pet Doors - Pet amenities features discount pet supplies.
Discount Pet Supplies & PetSafe Dog Fences - Discount Pet Superstore offers PetSafe Wireless Dog fences.
Discount Baby Gates by KidCo - Full line of baby gates and child safety products with free shipping.
Discount Dog Gates - Full line of dog gates for tall, wide, and stair mounting.
Discount Pet Gates - Full line of pet gates at discount pricing with free shipping.
Pigeon Control & Repellent - Bird Evictors has pigeon control, and bird repellent with fast, free shipping.
Invisible Dog Fence - PetSafe, Innotek & Invisible Fence brand electric dog fence information can be found here.
Discount Pet Doors - Pet doors for walls, patio doors, & interior pet doors by PetSafe.
Discount PetSafe Electric Dog Fence - PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence - with free shipping.
White Bellied Caiques - Pet Birds - Parrot Babies and Breeders.
PetSafe Wireless Electric Dog Fence - Discount PetSafe products with free shipping.
Survival Food-Long Term Food, Storage, sanitation, first-aid, lighting, and much more!
Humane Live Animal Traps - Traps and bait for animals and birds - Free Shipping.
Bamboo For Sale - Bamboo makes great barriers for your pets
Frontline Plus Flea Control - Frontline for Dogs & K9 Advantix with Free Shipping
Imperial Products USA - Wholesale Products
Survival Freeze Dried Foods designed for LDS members - Long term storage food, camping food.



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