We receive so many positive letters from people who have purchased our babies.
Here are a few and some of the pictures to go along with them!

Hi Jeff,

I'm sorry it has taken us so long to give you an update on our pretty girl, Lola. Just to remind you we are the couple from the Bangor, Maine area that received a glorious little gift from you last April. I'm happy to report zero problems with our girl (we think, still no DNA testing yet). She's finished her first molt and is almost entirely free of black in her cap, and a bright white belly. She is very social, a little crazy sometimes when it comes to something she really wants to play with but always such a blessing for us to have here in our home. She is almost a year old now and truly a sight to behold, so we thought we would attach a few pictures for you so you can see what we mean! The first picture is from the day we picked her up, and it goes in order from oldest to newest picture. We hope you had a great Christmas and wish you a happy new year!

Jason & Andrea


I hope you all are doing well after all the flooding we had after Fay. If you need any help caring for any of your birds, please don't hesitate to let us know.

We live in Sanford and came to pick up our baby "Myron" the beginning of August. Even on the way home in the car, he was exploring his travel cage. As soon as we got him home, he went right into his cage and started to explore. From the first day he was home, he came out to us and our friends. He loves attention from everyone. We took him to our vet the first weekend we had him for a wellness check, and the vet's comment was that we had "a keeper". He is well adjusted, eats well and has a great personality. All his tests were perfect.

I just wanted to let you know that we love our new addition and he has become a member of the family. As soon as I get some pictures downloaded, I'll send them along to you. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job.

Dave and Laurie H.


I want to thank you for sending me the sweetest, most affectionate little creature on this earth! I miss little birdie when I'm at work and I can't wait to get home and see his delight at my walking toward his cage. After his evening out of cage play time he cuddles up with me on my chair and he makes sweet little chirps until he finally falls asleep. I hate putting him in his cage for the evening but I know he needs his sleep. And....tomorrow is another sweet, loving day!!!

I am enjoying my white bellied caique more than I had ever imagined I could!!!!



Hello-just wanted to drop a quick note to says thanks for the baby
bird!! He is the greatest little bird! We are already absolutely in love
with him!! He's down to only a couple of hand feedings a day now. He's
eating Zupreem pellets and lots of fruits and veggies. His name is "Joey".
It was a toss up between him or an Amazon and we are sooo happy that we chose him. What a joy to have around. He comes to work with me everyday and is spoiled rotten!! Everyone enjoys watching him roll around on his back and play with his toys. We're in the process of trying to perch train him--having a little difficulty but I think he'll do ok. Oh well, just
wanted to give you an update and let you know that he is doing well.

Thanks again!

Danita Bohle

Hello ,

The baby caique arrived safe and sound in Lexington on
Wednesday. He seems to have settled in very nicely.
Likes his cage and is interacting well with all of the
family members. We are very pleased with Mango Sherbet
and I think he enjoys being with us. Have a great

Cindi Johnson

Hi Guys

We absolutely love this bird. Yes its Gayles baby! It lets her know when it
needs holding and she cradles it under her neck like a sleeping baby. Hes
eating really well and is so playful.

Thank You,

Manny Quintana
Maimi lakes, fl


I wanted to thank you again for our new baby. She is absolutely delightful. My mother was thrilled, and my father, whose idea it was to surprise Mom for her birthday, has fallen in love with her. She is rapidly becoming the most spoiled bird in the world. Here she is on her play gym the day I brought her home. She really enjoys playing there and exploring anything on the counter, and is showing my parents what a clown she can be.

Thanks again,

Cheryl Beidler


My name is Theresa Kirner, and I think I own one of your birds. His (or her, I never had him sexed) band says FL MANN with numbers following on it. I bought from a store called Bird is the Word in Batavia, IL, about 4 years ago. I know he came from FL, but I never found the breeder information for him.

In any event, his name is Tyger, and he is a wonderful part of my family. He is my first parrot (no one warned me about getting a caique as a first bird), and he has an amazing personality. My vet calls him a beefcake because of his toned and "athletic" build. If he is in fact one of your birds, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with him.

He is the joy of my life.

Theresa Kirner
Batavia,IL 7/08/2006

UPDATE 7/4/2006


Cosmo’s is still the absolute best bird I’ve ever seen. The first couple of days he wanted to be held and cuddled. He has now blossomed with precocious playful investigation of his new surroundings. CLICK HERE

Thanks again,

Coral Havicon

Hello Denise,

Well it’s only been about two hours since Cosmo has been home and I’ve already decided that this bird is the best ever. He is so friendly and sweet. He seems to like being with us more than being in his cage. It’s amazing as his cage is full of toys, swings, perches, and ropes, not to mention food, water, and fresh fruit.

Thank you for breeding such a great caique with a great temperament.


Coral Havicon 6/30/2006

Hi Jeff,

The baby arrived all well this morning as scheduled. He/she was munching on seed when the baggage handler handed him to me. So the flight couldn't have been too stressful. He seems at home in his new cage and is enjoying checking out all the new toys. He has already tried out each perch and is eating and drinking water. He will have about 4 hours by himself this afternoon to rest while I'm at the office. I have him quaranteened in his own room, but I plan to spend time with him this evening and play it by ear if he wants any contact. I know it is recommended to let a new bird chill out for the first few days, but past experience has shown me that they will let you know if they are ready to be handled.

Thanks for a smooth transaction.



Hi this is Sharon Smith from WA State I got a while belly Caique from you in August he has brought such joy to myself and my husband he is such a beautiful bird and loves to play.

Out of all the birds I have the Caique is the one I enjoy the most and play with all the time.

I was wondering if you have anymore that is on to a couple handfeeding a day as I would like to get another one. I just enjoy these little guys so much we would like to have another one I had this one sex and he is a male. I can't thank you so much for bringing so much joy into my home he has brought us much happiness we love him so very much. My husband birthday is the 25 this month mine is the 22 of Feb we are both will be 55 years old and enjoy our Peaches.

I will be waiting to hear from you thanks and God Bless,

Francis, Sharon & Peaches


I don't know if you remember us, the delta folks from Boston who purchased a pair of caiques from you a couple of years ago. Just to let you know they have blossomed into beautiful birds. We hope to see you in the spring of 2005 for a second pair, the first pair should be ready to be setup for breeding soon.

You're birds are beautiful and a handful, they eat alot and play hard they are wonderful, I have enclosed a photo of the male. the females a bit camera shy she's just as cute as him, a bit pushier though, she rules the roost.

Rgds from Boston
Valerie and Dom Palumbo

P.S. you're new website is great...............


Just a quick note to let you know Sam and I are doing great, Sam always likes to play and is a joy. Thank you for answering all our questions, I realize we were pests, but wanted to make sure we were ready to give Sam a good home! I enclosed a picture to show you how sam has grown. (he is such a ham for the camera!)

Thanks Again,

Debra Conner & Sam!


I purchased a Caique from you several weeks ago and she was shipped to San Jose, CA. She was hatched 6/9/04. I had her sexed (Zoogen) and she is a female.

I have a very dear friend that wanted her very much but she is fitting into the household so well I could not part with her.

This friend wants a female baby and I was hoping you had one available now. I know you mentioned that you do usually sex the birds but I thought perhaps there may be one that you knew was a female and available. Please let me know. Thank you,

Donna Matuszczak


I just wanted to let you know that I received that Caique OK, He arrived in Seattle at 5 minutes to 3:00 PM and what a little sweetheart all the way home he gave me kisses and just tons of love what a sweetheart.

I had put him in a cage when I got home but will put him in a brooder tonight when I put everybody to bed I want him to get use to his surroundings with his new cages an all his toys.

I thank you so much for getting him sent out to me, I broke my big toe last night so it was a joy to get my baby today so I can make the pain go away with my beautiful baby. I made him a nice little bed for him to cuddle up with when I put him to bed. On the way home from Seattle Denise I was rubbing his head and just giving him so much kisses he laid on his back for me I never had a bird do that for me.

Thanks Again, and God Bless,

Will do business with you again.




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